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Type A/C Battery Front
Type A_C Battery Left
Type A/C Battery Right
Type A_C Battery Top
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Product: Type-A/C Battery Powered Barricade Light

Product Type: Traffic Safety Light

Product #: BATDF


  • Dual Function Mode: Flashing &/or Steady Burn Modes All-in-One

  • Flash Rate: +/- 65 Times Per Minute 

  • Illumination/Brightness: 2 High-Intensity Super Bright LEDs; 9 Candelas Each 

  • Lens Cover: 7" Polycarbonate Lens with Retro-Reflector Ring

  • Mounting System: 180 Degree Swivel Box Base; Universal Mounting Bracket & Tool

  • Packaging/Parts Included: 10 Lights Per Box (Fully Assembled); 10 Security Bolts; 1 On/Off Key; 1 Wrench

  • Colors Available: Amber/Yellow


Light Meets or Exceeds MUTCD Requirements and ITE Specifications; NCHRP-350 Certified

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