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Q: Why should I purchase a Solar Masters Light?

A:  The real question is, why would you use anything BUT a Solar Masters light? 

  • Experience? We have been manufacturing solar powered barricade lights longer than any of our competitors. 

  • Quality? We use advanced solar technology in addition to premium components and an extremely durable UV protected plastic exterior in order to manufacture a product that will stand the test of time. 

  • Success? In addition to selling more solar powered barricade lights than any of our competitors, our lights can be found protecting work zones on highway and airport construction projects in every state in the U.S. 


So, if you are looking for the industry’s best solar powered barricade light at a competitive price – there is no other choice!



Q: What else do I need to purchase in order to operate your light?

A: Absolutely Nothing! Our lights come fully assembled and ready to operate as soon as you receive them. Simply remove the light from its packaging, turn it on and it is ready to go! All mounting hardware, tools and any other light accessories are included with every purchase. It’s that easy….. and convenient!!



Q: Do Solar Masters Lights Turn On & Off Automatically?

A: Yes. Our Solar Lights operate off of a sensor that AUTOMATICALLY turns the light ON whenever the ambient light levels drop below 215 lux, which typically occurs at dusk or on a dark stormy day. The light AUTOMATICALLY turns OFF and begins charging once the ambient light levels rise above 215 lux, which typically occurs at dawn, or daybreak.



Q: What if we work in an area that doesn’t receive much sunlight?

A: Not a problem. Our Solar Lights do NOT require any direct sunlight to charge. They simply require ambient daylight to maintain a full charge. See Lux levels above.



Q: Why are battery operated lights less expensive than solar lights?

A: That is a trick question. When you look at the purchase price, some battery operated lights appear to be less expensive than a Solar Masters solar powered light. However, you must also consider the following expenses before determining each product's ACTUAL price:


Battery Operated Lights:

  • Batteries – You must purchase four (4) D-Cell or (2) 6-Volt batteries, which are not included with the light at time of purchase, in order for the light to work (batteries not included in purchase price).

  • Battery Installation – You incur the labor cost of having someone install the batteries into each unit (labor cost not included in purchase price).

  • Maintenance – You incur the labor cost of having someone replace the old batteries and install new ones after the batteries fail, which typically occurs anywhere from four weeks to several months (not included in purchase price).

  • Battery Disposal – You must properly dispose of dead batteries or incur large fines which costs additional monies in labor and disposal fees (not included in purchase price).


Solar Masters Solar Powered Barricade Lights:

  • No additional costs are associated with our lights in order for them to operate.

  • All of our lights are ready to work right out of the box.

  • Everything you need to operate our solar lights is included in the purchase price.

  • The use of advanced solar technology and high-end components enable our lights to operate for years, maintenance free, which means you can re-use these lights on future jobs with no additional costs incurred!


As you can see, while some battery operated lights may appear less expensive at first glance, in reality ALL battery operated or solar-assist lights end up costing significantly more than a Solar Masters Barricade Light.



Q: What is a Solar-Assist light?

A: A solar-assist light, like its battery counterpart, still requires D-Cell or Lead Acid Batteries (sold separately) in which to operate (see associated costs in the previous question for battery operated lights). These lights do contain a solar panel, which trickle charges the batteries giving the light an extended lifespan and in some cases extending the life of these products from weeks to upwards of 4-6 months before you will be forced to purchase new batteries and properly dispose of the old batteries.


(Solar Masters' lights are ALL 100% Solar Powered Lights, NOT solar-assist lights)



Q: How can I purchase a Solar Masters light?

A: We have Distributors & Resellers located throughout the U.S. and Canada. If the current traffic or airport safety supplier you are working with does not carry our light – then give us a call and we will help find you the right light for your job!



Q: How can I become a Distributor or Reseller of Solar Masters lights?

A: Call us at (877) 917-6527 or email us at to discuss becoming a partner.



Q: What if we don’t work typical 9-5, Monday thru Friday hours and need assistance?

A: We offer customer service seven days per week. Email or call us anytime you need assistance and if we don’t answer immediately, a member of our team will get in touch with you very shortly, regardless of the time or day of the week you call. (Yes, this includes weekends and holidays!).



Q: What is your standard shipping policy?

A: We attempt to find the lowest prices with the most reliable carriers in order to keep shipping prices at a minimum.

We ship our lights via UPS ground when shipping in quantities of 10 boxes or less. We receive exceptional rates from UPS due to our long history and shipping volume over the years. With larger orders we have a vast network of reliable LTL shipping partners that compete against each other to ensure the most competitive prices available, which allows us to pass these savings on to you!



Q: What if we have a rush delivery?

A: We will do whatever we can to ensure your lights ship out in time to meet your deadlines. Depending on the lights final destination – we have delivered products on the same day we have received an order. We can also ship next day air, second day air or even get a guaranteed delivery date from our shipping partners to keep your projects on schedule. 



Q: How soon can you ship out orders once they are submitted?  What if it’s a large order?

A: In most circumstances we will ship your product the same day, if not the next business day. We have late pickup times by UPS or our other LTL carriers, which gives us great flexibility in getting your order shipped out as soon as possible.

For large orders, we keep thousands of our stocked light products on hand – so typically it is possible to ship large orders within 24 hours of receiving them.

Don't see the information you are looking for?

Give us a call at (877) 917-6527, send us an Email or submit a question through our Contact Form.

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